ACCC Exemption

ACCC Exemption

5 May 20

As part of MTAA’s COVID-19 effort, a conditional authorisation (AA1000479) was successfully obtained from the ACCC to enable industry to collaborate in supporting the Commonwealth to secure medical supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ACCC have advised MTAA that, as part of their review, they will be contacting the companies listed on the conditional authorisation (AA1000479) to request feedback on how the authorisation is working. MTAA encourages companies to provide a response, particularly those companies that are actively involved in the COVID-19 working groups.

21 April 20

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation to MTAA to allow its members and other groups, such as suppliers or distributors of medical equipment, to share information between each other, co-ordinate orders and supply requests, prioritise requests, and jointly tender to supply COVID-19 medical equipment.

The ACCC initially granted interim authorisation to MTAA on 25th March. Subsequently MTAA has amended its application, and sought interim authorisation for the conduct described in the amended application. The ACCC has revoked the interim authorisation granted on 25 March, and granted replacement conditional interim authorisation to MTAA for its amended conduct. Read more here.