APACMed Startup Alliance

The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) and Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) have established the Start-up Alliance Program offering start-ups the benefits of dual membership. From now until 31 December 2021, join either MTAA or APACMed as a startup member and and get to enjoy dual membership benefits. 

This program is an alliance between MTAA and APACMed, specifically designed for Australian startups interested in regional expansion and/or Asia Pacific startups interested in the Australian market.

Besides being part of the collective voice for MedTech across APAC, join us for more benefits such as key events, insights and strategic collaborations with industry leaders and experts. Both APACMed and MTAA have mentorship programs to support start-ups.

Click here to learn more about MTAA Membership.

Contact Louie Radburnd, Marketing Manager, to learn more.