Code Training

Industry has a long tradition of working with healthcare professionals. The Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice is self regulated by industry, and provides guidance on the medical technology industry's relationships with healthcare professionals and consumers. Under the Code there are specific obligations that need to be noted to ensure that member companies maintain compliance.

It is a requirement of the Code that all member company staff engaged in direct interactions with healthcare professionals, and those involved in promotional activities or purchasing decisions complete MTAA approved Code training.

Who has to complete the Code Training?

A Company must ensure that every Company Representative employed in a role that involves contact with Healthcare Professionals and/or undertaking Promotional activities or purchasing decisions on behalf of the Company undertakes training on the operation of the Code provided by MTAA (either face-to-face or online). This training must;

  1. be completed by such new Company Representatives within three (3) months of commencing in the role, and
  2. be completed for each new edition of the Code (unless a direction is otherwise provided by MTAA).

Defining a Company Representative

Company Representative means any person or entity engaged in representing, acting for or advancing the interests of a Company pursuant to any agreement, arrangement or understanding between that person or entity and the Company, including a contract of employment or other employment arrangements, or any agency or consultancy arrangement.

Types of Training

There are two training options available to medical technology companies that meet this requirement.

Module 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice (online)

Member and non-member companies may choose to complete MTAA’s self-paced online training, module 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice. This training is updated with the release of each new edition. The fee to complete this online module is free for members and $99 for non-members (including GST). Standard credit card fees apply.

June 2021 Update: As part of the phased approach to roll out the online Code of Practice Edition 11 training to members, MTAA contacted a number of randomly selected members and provided them with the information required to complete the training. On Monday 5 July, MTAA will contact the next round of randomly selected members to complete the training; this will continue until all MTAA members have been provided the opportunity to allow their Staff to complete the training.

Face to Face Code of Practice training

MTAA offers face to face training on the Code of Practice. This training will be modified to accommodate the company’s requirements. If you are interested, please contact MTAA on or 02 9900 0626.