eMedication Management Conference

8:30am Wednesday, 13 March 2019
5:00pm Thursday, 14 March 2019
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
27 O’Connell
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Now in its 8th year, the eMedication Management Conference has grown to become the nation’s only event to look solely at electronic prescribing and electronic medication management systems.

Now a must-attend event, the conference will take a step beyond previous years and explore emerging complexities and challenges with EMM implementation with particular focus on the developments in specialty areas such as paediatrics prescribing, insulin prescribing, ICU Prescribing, Infusions to name just a few.

Featuring a diversity of multidisciplinary perspectives, the agenda will offer delegates the opportunity to learn from implementations, gain insight into processes and projects at other sites, and tap into the issues relating to the rollout of EMR across the country.

2019 is a particularly interesting year given the rollout of the My Health Record. What impact will this have on medication management?

In 2019 for the first time, we are delighted to be announcing a new feature of the agenda:

The State of the Nation – Site Experience Snapshots
This new session is designed to provide a brief glimpse into what is happening with eMEDS at different sites across the country. A series of brief 5-10 minute presentations will be given addressing points such as which medications are still on paper, if the site has complex meds, barcode scanning, clinical decision support, strategies to reduce alerts and other pertinent details.

Topics/Questions for the Agenda:

  • Best practice case studies in specialist areas such as paediatrics prescribing, insulin prescribing, ICU prescribing, infusions, oncology, renal etc
  • Rural and regional implementations & experience in different states & territories
  • Benefits realization studies – what is the impact and evidence of benefits to changes made to date?
  • Transfer of care – transfer between public and private, transfer between states – challenges faced and how to manage.
  • Information sharing between clinical staff and patients – what role (if any) should patients have in their own records?
  • How implementation impacts workflow & experiences with complex medication workflows
  • How you evaluate efficiency, safety of using order sets compared to other ways of ordering medication?
  • Device integration and future barcoding
  • Device procurement for clinicians
  • What impact will the rollout of EMR have on medication management?
  • The impact of the My Health Record – what impact will this have and what are the key considerations like privacy, secondary use of data, sharing responsibilities, safety aspects etc?
  • Community specialist EMeds
  • Consumer perspectives
  • Software and systems – how to minimize risk in transitions of care and ensure seamless translation/transition between different systems
  • Analysis of EMM systems, new functionalities and what vendors are currently working on

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