General Questions

Can I change the attendance dates of my face-to-face course?

Course dates may be able to be changed prior to 1 week ahead of the course if there is space available on another course. There is a fee for changing courses. Less than 1 week ahead a cancellation fee applies please see our terms and conditions.

What courses are available in my city?

To see which courses are available go to Training--> Training Module Library and all of the courses are listed under 1.5 by city and date, or post Covid -19 we are running Virtual programs.

I have a temporary card, why do I need to redo the online course?

If you had a temporary card for the 2016 training, that has now expired and you need to do the 1.6 Operating Theatre Protocols Update. If you have done a 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols Update, and have not received your card, please upload your photo to your bio section of your portal and advise MTAA by emailing pd@mtaa.org.au and advising that it is complete.

Ensure your bio picture is a high-quality standard passport photo of only your face.

Are there any Free Courses? 

Yes, the following courses are free:

Am I a member?

Visit the Our Members part of the MTAA to see if you are a Member of MTAA. When you order your course, your username/email login will identify if you are a member or not as well.

Why does it say member log in on the website if I am not a member?

The Member Login area is for anyone who has a profile with MTAA. That means you may have attended an event or done a course with MTAA>

I have done a course with another provider; can I do the just the online update?

Contact the Professional Department of MTAA on pd@mtaa.org.au with details and we can discuss the options.

Now that I have finished my training, what’s next?

Download your certificate through Account Login and send it to your manager or HR associate.
Upload your photo to your bio, and advise MTAA that it is done so you can get your card.

Which course is right for me?

How to check which course I have done?

Log into Account Login on the MTAA website, and go to My Certificates located under My Content and view certificates for all your completed courses.

I have extensive company representative theatre experience?

If you have extensive current theatre experience, you may be able to do the 1.6 Operating Theatre protocols Update 2018, however, many companies require the 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols to be completed by all new MCR’s regardless. Contact your HR representative first and contact the Professional Development department afterward on pd@mtaa.org.au

I have done a course recently; do I have to do the update too?

It depends on how recently and which course. If you have done the 2018 version of any course you are now required to do the 2020 version to and get an updated hospital entry card.

Can I do only the online course?

You need to have either previous MCR ( Medical Company Representative) theatre experience or have done the 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols. Please check with your HR department or log into Account Login to view your previous experience.

ID Cards/Certificate

How do I receive my certificate?

Complete either the 1.5 Training or the 1.6 training and provide MTAA with your photo uploaded. Your certificate will automatically appear in your My Certificates section in My Portal 24 hours after completion.

I have done my training, where is my card?

Firstly, ensure your bio picture is uploaded using a passport style photo (high quality portal). Poor quality images will be allow your certificate t be completed. 

How do I receive a copy of my certificate?

Go to My Certificates in My Portal and download the PDF version

How do I get an  ID card?

Email pd@mtaa.org.au we can provide a card for $50.00. You will already have a photo ID certificate in your portal.

I have transferred to a new company, what do I do?

Email pd@mtaa.org.au we can update your profileon our CRM.


How do I check which courses I have completed?

Log into My Portal, view My Training to see all of your completed courses.

What information do I need to register myself on MTAA?

  • Name
  • Company email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Position title
How do I upload my bio picture?

Go to My Bio located in your portal, and follow the directions to upload your photo