Clause 9.10: Fellowships

Our company has received a fellowship grant request from a hospital. The hospital has indicated that the requested amount is for the salary of the fellow as well as administration costs for the time and fees spent applying for the fellow’s visa. Can a Company cover all these costs as part of a fellowship grant?

Yes. Clause 9.10 allows companies to grant funds to certain bodies to provide a fellowship for the specialty education of a Healthcare Professional or a Practitioner in Training. Funds can be used for the fellow’s salary and reasonable administration fees associated with establishing the fellowship, such as applying for any required visa.

Do the general requirements for educational grants at clause 9.9(a) apply to fellowship grants given by companies?

Yes. Fellowship grants given by companies under clause 9.10 to support specialty education are a type of educational grant. They must comply with the general requirements for all educational grants that are outlined at clause 9.9(a).