Education and Guidance about the Code

Does the MTAA “sign off” proposed activities as being Code compliant?

No. The MTAA Code of Practice Manager can provide general information about the Medical Technoloy Industry Code of Practice but cannot sign off proposed activities as being Code compliant. Companies should raise any questions about specific business activities with their legal and/or compliance advisors.

Does the MTAA offer training about the Code?

Yes. The Code requires that all member company staff who interact with healthcare professionals, or those involved in purchasing activities, complete MTAA approved Code training. There are two available options to companies to meet this requirement:

  1. Registering with MTAA for staff to complete an online introductory training module; or
  2. Developing in-house training on the Code which is then reviewed and approved by the MTAA before it can be delivered.

How often do staff need to do training on the Code?

Section 10 requires that a company must ensure its representatives are fully aware of the Code. Every rep working with HCPs and every employee in a role involving promotional activities or purchasing decisions must have Code training with each new edition of the Code. New employees must be trained in the Code with six months of their employment.

MTAA is pleased to announce that with launch of the Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice (Edition 9), the self-paced online module 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice (Edition 9) has been released, and for the first time provided free to members.  The non-member fee for completing this training is $289 per participant.

This module will take approximately two hours to complete.

For staff that completed module 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice (Edition 8) training, module 2.1.1 MTICOP: Summary of Amendments (Edition 9) is also available until 30 June 2015.  This short self-paced online module is also free to members or at a cost of $110 for non-members.

Please contact Lee Grow (, Professional Development Manager, if you have any queries.

Further information about the available options is available at the MTAA training catalogue.

Are there any brochures I can give to healthcare professionals and hospitals which explain the MTAA Code’s requirements?

Yes. The MTAA website offers a number of Code resources. You can download the current edition of the Code as well as a summary of any recent changes.