Ignite Program

MTAA are pleased to announce the launch of the Ignite Program - Supporting the next generation in MedTech

The Ignite Program is an initiative for the Women in MedTech Events Series and is designed in providing university students studying in the MedTech environment with an opportunity to connect with the MedTech Industry through sponsorship by attending an event. 

By sponsoring a student, you are providing them with an opportunity to receive tangible tools and resources in a practical environment and encourage future leaders in the MedTech Industry.

Sponsor organisation  

By sponsoring a talented student and support their desire to consider a role within the MedTech Industry, this program will provide your organisation with the opportunity to network with future leaders within MedTech, provide insight and support career development to those interested in the MedTech industry. Sponsorship cost is the equivalent of one seat at an MTAA Women in MedTech event. 

Sponsors will be recognised at the event and the sponsored student will be seated at the same table as the sponsor organisation with branding on display.  

If you are interested in sponsoring a student to attend one of the upcoming Women in MedTech Event Series, please email us with an expression of interest.

Student registration

Are you interested in the Medical Technology industry?  Are you seeking the opportunity to attend one of the MTAA Women in MedTech Event Series? 

The Ignite Program is your opportunity to attend as a sponsored guest, attend one of the upcoming Women in MedTech Event and learn from leaders within MedTech industry. 

Places are limited at each event.  

So, register your interest today via email to MTAA and we will be able to provide you with further details on an upcoming event part of the Women in MedTech Series where the Ignite Program is available.