Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols


Interstate travel for MCR's

As part of maintaining the supply chain, MTAA is working directly with individual state governments to ensure that medical device services, including technical support and training, are able to continue to operate. This includes seeking formal clarification around the definition of ‘essential service providers’ as it applies to medical device services.

MTAA is able to provide a letter confirming MTAA membership and completion of OTP course. We can also provide a template letter to assist with identification purposes for staff of member companies. Please contact Peter Tustin for further assistance:

Digital OTP Certificates

You need to upload your photo before downloading your certificate.

How to upload your photo bio:

  1. Logon to Account Login at – using your work email and password
  2. Once you logged on, click on My Portal (on top right corner)
  3. On the left-hand site menu, click on My Account >  Bio
  4. Follow the instruction to upload your photo.

An auto generic certificate will be available to download within 3 – 24 hours after course completion.

How to download your digital certificate:

  1. Logon to Account Login at – using your work email and password
  2. Once you logged on, click on My Portal (on top right corner)
  3. On the left-hand site menu, click on My Content > Certificates
  4. You can now download a pdf certificate

Please keep your digital certificate on your phone to gain access to the operating rooms.

We do not send out an OTP card. It has been replaced recently with a digital certificate.

If you require a written confirmation from MTAA, please email

Module 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols forms part of the 1.0 Accessing Healthcare Facilities course.

What topics are covered in this training?

This assessed module familiarises Medical Company Representatives (MCR’s) with the relevant current ACORN Standards by providing theoretical and practical training in the perioperative environment.

Learning outcomes

  • We examine the current ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing relevant to (MCR's)
  • You will learn about your role as a MCR in the operating theatre
  • We discuss patient privacy and confidentiality requirements
  • We examine WH&S issues within the operating theatre
  • You will understands the importance of managing accountable items including the surgical count
  • Through learning how to do a social hand wash, you will be able to recognise and apply the principles of infection prevention

You will change into perioperative attire and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before entering the operating theatre. Participants should wear comfortable closed shoes appropriate for the perioperative environment.You will need to download your digital certificate of participation from your portal, that is valid until 31st October 2022.

6 CPD points available for Registered Nurses. These points will appear in your bio of your account with MTAA.





Stay current after the Face-to-face course with the online update which is 1.6 Operating Theatre Protocols Update (online).

Other related modules 1.1 Healthcare Facility Protocols, 1.2 Professional Conduct, 1.3 Patient Privacy and Confidentiality, 1.4 Infection Prevention, 1.7 WHS Fundamentals and 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice are also recommended for MCRs visiting Health Care Facilities (HCF’s).