MCR's in Healthcare Facilities


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Interstate travel for MCR's

As part of maintaining the supply chain, MTAA is working directly with individual state governments to ensure that medical device services, including technical support and training, are able to continue to operate. This includes seeking formal clarification around the definition of ‘essential service providers’ as it applies to medical device services.

MTAA is able to provide a letter confirming MTAA membership and completion of OTP course. We can also provide a template letter to assist with identification purposes for staff of member companies. Please contact Peter Tustin for further assistance:

MCR's in Health Care Facilities

The role of the Medical Company Representative in the health care facility

Medical Company Representatives (MCR's) often work closely with healthcare professionals. When entering healthcare facilities, MCR's should follow policies and procedures of the local facility, while observing their own company policies and the Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice. MTAA recommends that personnel entering theatres have a clear understanding of the relevant ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing for visitors to the perioperative environment and complete ACORN approved training.

To help healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities understand the role of a medical company representative, the following presentation is available. Click the relevant link to view the presentation titled Medical Company Representatives Supporting Healthcare Facilities in a suitable format.

Presentation type Description Requirements
MCRs Supporting HCFs: An overview (audio)Self-paced online presentation with audio to be viewed independently. Includes presenter notesInternet access and Adobe Flash Player
MCRs Supporting HCFs: An overview (no audio)Self-paced online presentation with no audio to be viewed independently. Includes presenter notesInternet access and Adobe Flash Player
MCRs Supporting HCFs: An overview (no notes or audio)Presentation to be viewed online. Does not include audio or presenter notes

Internet access or Adobe Flash Player to view and/or print FlashPaper presentation (Use the right click arrow to view the slides. Includes search function)

MCRs Supporting HCFs: An overview (PDF)Presentation to be downloaded and/or printed. May be presented at a staff in-service. Includes presenter notesAdobe PDF Viewer (Does not require internet access once downloaded)