MTAA temporary Code exemption

MTAA temporary Code exemption

As the COVID-19 situation is evolving at a fast pace, MTAA understands that there will be an increased need to support Hospitals and other Healthcare settings (Healthcare Professionals [HCPs]) to ensure they have adequate supplies to be able to care for and treat patients in a healthy and safe environment.

The Code Authority Committee recommended to the Board that a temporary exemption be granted to MTAA members in relation to clause 9.9.4 of the Code of Practice Edition 11 2020 (the Code). This temporary exemption is to assist members to provide medical equipment, technologies and related services to HCPs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When dealing with any request related to COVID-19, the principles of the Code should always be applied, but in some cases the current situation may require that principles be applied in a different way than in normal times. Therefore, it was proposed to the Board that Members be advised that responses to such requests must:

  1. Be free from any intent to improperly induce purchase of products or services;
  2. Be fully documented to allow for full transparency;
  3. Always consider the perception and the image of the industry;

NOTE: For the purposes of the temporary exemption, the company must document requests related to COVID-19 to the Code Authority. 

At the April 2020 Board meeting, the Board of Directors resolved to allow the temporary exemption of Members from Clause 9.9.4 of the Code of Practice Edition 11 for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.