Purpose of the MTAA Mentoring Program

Purpose of the MTAA Mentoring Program

The purpose of the MTAA Mentoring Program is to facilitate mentoring partnerships where experienced mentors can share advice, knowledge and experiences with mentees, resulting in a mutually beneficial professional development relationship. 

The program is not designed to assist mentees with employment opportunities within mentor companies. It is a program to aid the mentee in their professional and career development. In the event a mentee is employed by their mentor’s organisation during the mentoring program, the pair will either be reassigned or cease participating in the program. 

A member company will need to agree to support a mentor within their organisation to mentor an employee from a different department within their organisation to participate within the program. 


  • Provide opportunities for female MTAA members to access mentors who are subject matter experts, managers and leaders who can mentor/coach mentees to assist them achieve their career goals.
  • Allow more experienced MedTech managers, leaders and professionals to provide guidance and support to mentees as they progress their career within the MedTech industry. 
  • Encourage MedTech professionals to share their specialist experience to actively support women who are pursuing a career within the MedTech industry. 

Registrations are now open