Women in MedTech Champion

MTAA introduced the “Women in MedTech (WiMT) Champion” awards In 2017. The Awards are presented to an individual and a company who has been a Champion in advancing or achieving a significant result in the WiMT Mission or Goals within their company or the industry.

The WiMT mission is to “lead the debate and promote the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and within the Medtech Industry”. MTAA aspires to actively support women entering or advancing within our industry.

The WiMT goals are:
1. To maintain benchmark metrics on the current ratio of women in leadership positions within Medtech.
2. To lead the discussion towards the setting of an agreed and achievable target ratio of women in leadership positions.
3. To produce and disseminate tangible action plans companies may deploy in order to increase the female talent pool in their businesses and leadership positions.
4. To raise the profile and benefit of Women within the MedTech industry through targeted campaigns and events.

1.  A person or a company
2.  Achievement of advancing or significant result of a stated WiMT mission or goal within a company or the industry
3.  Period of achievement

Does someone or a company you know hold the values of the WiMT’s mission and have they achieved a significant advancement of one or more of WiMT’s missions and goals?

The 2018 Nominations will be opening soon.