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SA Travel update

From 12:01 am Wednesday 29 July, only essential travellers will be able to enter SA from Victoria. South Australians will no longer be able to return to SA from Victoria.

All visitors are still required to register online up to 72 hours earlier.

Travellers still need to self-quarantine whilst in the state and wear a mask in public.

To qualify as Essential Skills (industries and businesses), you will need a letter detailing that the person is required to conduct a service that is time-critical and where the provision of the service requires that the person be physically present in South Australia.

Travellers will need to qualify under one of the following categories:

  • Specialists required for industry or business continuity and maintenance of competitive operations where the appropriate skills are not available in South Australia, where the service is time-critical and where the provision of the service requires that the person be physically present in South Australia.
  • Persons who, in the conduct of their duties, are responsible for maintenance or repair of infrastructure critical to South Australia and are required to be physically present in South Australia for such purposes.

You must provide a letter from your employer or other documentation in support of your application.

On arrival in South Australia:

  • You are required to self-quarantine at all times when you are not undertaking, duties, functions or activities associated with your essential traveller status or travelling to or from such duties, functions or activities.
  • You are required to wear a surgical face mask (covering mouth and nose) when coming in to contact with members of the public.

Further information is available here.


Current State Border Closure Summary

  • NSW: From 8 July, NSW border to VIC is closed. 
  • ACT: From 8 July, ACT border to VIC is closed. 
  • VIC: no changes to entry to VIC.  
  • SA: Currently open to WA, TAS, QLD and NT. Premier axed plans to open to VIC, ACT and NSW on 20 July. But is looking closely at opening to NSW and ACT. 
  • NT: 17 July for all, apart from those arriving from a COVID “hotspot”. VIC now deemed a COVID hotspot, any traveller from VIC will not be allowed to enter the NT. 
  • TAS: 24 July open, but this is contingent on other conditions. Premier has said “it will be very difficult to lower borders to Victoria at this time” but is yet to formally announce that VIC will be excluded from border opening (announcement Friday).  
  • QLD: 10 July to open to all states apart from VIC.
  • WA: no changes to entry to WA. 

Travel between NSW and VIC

As of midnight 8 July 2020, the NSW/VIC border has been closed. The NSW Government has issued health advice for people who have travelled to NSW from Victoria or Melbourne in the last 14 days and managing those in high-risk settings.

On its website, Services NSW has provided information and established a process for applying for a permit to travel from Victoria into NSW for exempted categories.

People covered by the permit include a person providing critical services, including:

  • freight and logistics 
  • maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure
  • medical or hospital care

The website currently notes that high volumes of applications mean there are delays in processing permit applications and an alternative is to carry sufficient paperwork to demonstrate you are in an exemption category as above.

Advice for staff of health facilities who have returned from greater Melbourne

All persons entering a health facility will be:

  • assessed for symptoms and fever and asked to be tested and self-isolate if symptomatic
  • asked if they have travelled from greater Melbourne metropolitan area in the last 14 days

If they have travelled from greater Melbourne metropolitan area in the last 14 days then:

  • the will be advised that should even the mildest of symptoms arise, they must self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19
  • the will be asked if they have been in a hotspot. If they have been in a hotspot then they will be asked to self-isolate and be excluded from work, except in exceptional circumstances
  • exceptional circumstances include where the absence of the staff member will significantly compromise clinical care. In this case, assess the risk of COVID infection against the consequence of impacting patient care, and whether the risk can be adequately mitigated, with consideration given to:
    • the location and duration of contact in COVID-19 community outbreaks areas in Melbourne, and nature of the transmission risk involved (e.g. number of social contacts, level of contact with potentially affected communities);
    • the type of clinical duties undertaken, and whether other mitigation strategies such as physical distancing, hand hygiene and use of PPE will be possible at all times.

The full fact sheet is available here.

We will provide additional updates as they become available, in the meantime, please contact if you have any queries regarding this.

Essential traveller update - SA

From July 1 visitors to SA will need to apply for pre-approval 72 hours prior to entering the state. They will then be told if they need to quarantine or not. The SA Premier has advised that the state will not open its border with Victoria on July 20. For more information, please go to

State Governments - Essential Service Providers/Essential Travellers/Ancillary Services

MTAA is continuing to work on addressing issues faced by members around interstate travel restrictions, however, we have received feedback from a number of member companies that in most cases, restrictions can be addressed by providing the relevant documentation. We recommend that medtech employees carry with them, as a minimum:

·       Physical copies of any documentation specifically required by the state to which they are travelling;

·       A letter from their employer; and

·       A letter from the relevant customer (ie the hospital to which they are travelling).

MTAA is able to provide a letter confirming MTAA membership and completion of OTP course if required. We can also provide a template letter to assist with identification purposes for staff of member companies. Please contact Peter Tustin for further assistance:

Please contact Rachel Fry at if you require further assistance with travel authorisations.