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MTAA is continuing to work on addressing issues faced by members around interstate travel restrictions, however, we have received feedback from a number of member companies that in most cases, restrictions can be addressed by providing the relevant documentation. We recommend that medtech employees carry with them, as a minimum:

  • Physical copies of any documentation specifically required by the state to which they are travelling;
  • A letter from their employer; and
  • A letter from the relevant customer (ie the hospital to which they are travelling).

MTAA is able to provide a letter confirming MTAA membership and completion of OTP course if required. We can also provide a template letter to assist with identification purposes for staff of member companies. Please contact Peter Tustin for further assistance:

14 May 2020

Essential Traveller Update – QLD

Due to changes in restrictions, returning QLD residents must apply online for a Queensland Entry Pass, which can be accessed here. The new passes are applicable to a person rather than a vehicle, as was the case with the previous pass.

This information below is subject to change pending new advice on border restrictions.



State and Territory Border Controls




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No border controls at this stage





No border controls at this stage





No border controls at this stage





Arrivals in the NT from interstate from 11:59pm 1 April 2020 will be escorted to hotels and monitored for 14 days of quarantine.

For arrivals after 3 April 2020, you will need to pay for quarantine costs.


Exemptions apply for individuals engaged in specific work with specific skills. Read more about the exemption categories.

An exemption may be granted on compassionate or medical grounds. Find out how to apply for an exemption.



New restrictions will apply from Friday 12.01 am Friday 3 April 2020 which will only allow Queensland residents and those considered an ‘exempt person’ to cross the border.

Restrictions preventing interstate FIFO workers (except for certain positions in certain resource industries) apply from 11.59pm Saturday 4 April 2020.


If you meet the criteria for an ‘exempt person’ detailed here then please consider applying online for a Queensland Entry Pass to avoid delays at the border.

Even if a person is a resident or an exempt person, they must self-quarantine if they have travelled in the last 14 days overseas, or to a COVID-19 hotspot in Australia, which will be decided by the Chief Health Officer and published on the Queensland Health website.



All persons arriving in South Australia from outside the state are required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days, unless they are an “Essential Traveller”. Anyone entering SA may be stopped by police at checkpoints and Essential Travellers will required to provide evidence of their status.


“Essential Travellers” are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate on entry to SA. For further detail on essential travellers, see here.



All “non-essential” travellers arriving in Tasmania, including Tasmanian residents, are required to enter mandatory self-isolation for 14 days in government provided accommodation on arrival in Tasmania. Travellers will not be permitted to leave the port of entry to travel to private residences or previously arranged accommodation.


Exemptions to the requirement to self-isolate apply to “essential travellers” which are outlined here. Exemptions can be sought on the basis of unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship by completing an Application for Essential Traveller status.  Those meeting “essential traveller” status are required to follow social distancing rules.




Temporary closure of WA border - from 11.59pm, on Sunday, April 5, people no longer be able to enter WA without an exemption. Western Australians currently out of the state and wish to return should do so immediately. People arriving from interstate before 11.59pm on Sunday, 5 April 2020 will be ordered to self-isolate for 14 days.


Exemptions currently being finalised and will include people who perform essential services.


Please contact Rachel Fry at if you require further assistance with travel authorisations.