Strategic Plan


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Work is:

To champion medical technology for a healthier Australia.

When our work is done:

Medical technology will be valued as a key driver of a healthier Australia.

We will work with:

Integrity, collaboration, influence and leadership.

Corporate Goals

  • Collaboaration
  • Engagement
  • Member focus
  • Advocacy
  • Integrity

Strategic Goals

  • Exercise industry leadership and deliver mutual gains to MTAA and partners alike
  • Effectively engage with members inside the association and stakeholders across the industry
  • Sharpen the focus on members, associate members and their needs
  • Proactively address industry and government priorities in equal measure
  • Collaborate with other associations to develop an industry-led, industry-wide Code of Practice.

For a copy of the Strategic Plan 2017-20 please follow this link.

Commitment to Diversity

The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) is committed to workplace diversity and ensuring our employees and board composition reflects the diversity of our membership, with a particular focus on encouraging the representation of women on the board.

MTAA acknowledges the benefits arising from employee and board diversity, including accessing different perspectives and ideas and benefiting from all available talent.  Our diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity/race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental ability, experience and thinking styles.  We also acknowledge the diversity in the type of organisations we represent, for example, size, local manufacturers, product focus etc, and will endeavour to reflect this on our board.

MTAA will continue our efforts to recruit and maintain a diverse employee and board membership. Our strategies will include:

  • Recruiting from the entire membership base for board candidates
  • Reviewing succession plans to ensure an approach focused on diversity
  • Identifying specific factors to consider in recruitment and selection processes to encourage diversity.