MTAA recognises the need to introduce students in secondary and tertiary education to the many career opportunities available to them within the medical technology industry.

7.1 Introduction to the Medical Technology Industry is a self-paced online module available at no cost. Students who have an interest in learning about the medical technology industry may find it beneficial to complete this module.

Career Benefits

There are many benefits of having a career in the medical technology industry. 

Joining the Industry

There are a number of employment entry points into the medical technology industry. These may be at the emerging, intermediate or advanced levels during a person’s career.

Workplace Learning Directory

Workplace learning programs enable students to contextualise their learning while gaining valuable practical skills and knowledge in the workplace. By engaging in these programs, employers support students to understand the workplace, while creating career opportunities within industry.

To assist students in becoming exposed to the work of the medical technology industry, MTAA has established a Medical Technology Industry Workplace Learning Directory. Students of secondary schools, TAFE colleges and universities from across Australia can access a list of MTAA member medical technology companies that have volunteered to offer workplace learning programs.


To assist future students wishing to engage in a course that will equip them with the necessary qualifications to enter the medical technology industry, the MyUniversity website can help. Users can search the directory using a range of criteria.

Deciding on a Career

Jolai Evans, Medical Engineer, Cook Australia was invited to appear on the a-Life website. This site was launched to assist students identify potential career pathways.

To learn what it is like to be a medical engineer working in the medical technology industry, click on the link and listen to what Jolai has to say. She describes different aspects of her job in six video clips. You can also listen to Anne Trimmer, Chief Executive Officer, MTAA talking about the industry.

If you decide that you would like to be a part of the medical technology industry, visit the MyUniversity website to find a course suitable for you in your area of interest. If you are a secondary student and want to try work experience first, visit the Workplace Learning Directory to find a company.

Here are some career websites that may be of interest.

What's it like to be in an operating theatre?

Medical Company Representatives (MCRs) often need to work closely with healthcare professionals. This may invlolve them entering operating theatres to provide education and support to the operating team, provided they have engaged in the correct training, and sought permission from the nurse manager. Learn what its like to be a part of surgery by clicking on this link. This interactive session is written by EdHeads, Univeristy of Liverpool, UK. It explains how a knee replacement using a prosthesis is conducted.


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