MTAA Committees

Committees and their members perform a crucial role in supporting the Board and driving the delivery of MTAA's Strategic Plan and delivery of Association policies in matters pertinent to its experience.

These Committees provide a vital link between industry members, the Board and MTAA. 

 Code Authority Committee

 Public Affairs Committee

 Code Monitoring Committee

 Regulatory Affairs Committee

 Finance Committee

 Reimbursement Committee

 Industry Policy Committee

 Women in MedTech Committee

 MedTech Conference Committee


Additional Information

Applications are invited annually to employees of member companies to join our committees. Applications can be made at any time during the year to fill vacancies or to be considered in the annual intake. Please check this page should a vacancy arise.

MTAA also brings industry together with special interest groups and forums, especially relating to regulatory, orthopaedic and clinical investigation matters.

If you have any queries relating to the MTAA committees or are interested in MTAA membership, please contact Peter Tustin on 02 9900 0660 or email