Code Monitoring Committee



Reviews company monitoring reports to determine compliance with the Code.


  1. Review company reports on activities subject to the Code and determine whether these activities are consistent with the provisions and or the spirit of the Code.
  2. Report to the Code Authority following each meeting and identify areas for potential education activities, policy amendment or clarification.
  3. Refer complex matters to the Code Authority for consideration.
  4. Report any potential instances of a breach to the Code Authority.
  5. Undertake any other activities referred to it by the Code Authority.

MTAA Secretary: Neina Fahey, Code of Practice and Project Coordinator

Member Name 


Paul Gibbeson

Independent (Chair)

Leonardo Cevallos

Cook Medical 

Nadine Crimston


Mark Flynn

University of Newcastle 

Megan Guy

Healthcare Professional 

Chloe Meyer

Smith & Nephew

Jennifer Mew-Sum


Glen Mason 

Johnson & Johnson 

Pam Davis