Code Monitoring Committee


Reviews company monitoring reports to determine compliance with the Code.


  • Review company reports on activities subject to the Code and determine whether these activities are consistent with the provisions and or spirit of the Code.
  • Report to the Code Authority following each meeting and identify areas for potential education activities, policy amendment or clarification.
  • Refer complex matters to the Code Authority for consideration.
  • Report any potential instances of a breach to the Code Authority.
  • Undertake any other activities referred to it by the Code Authority.


MTAA Secretary: Neina Fahey, Code of Practice and Project Manager

Member Name


Pam Davis

Independent (Chair)

Glen Mason

Johnson & Johnson Medical

Michelle Stewart

Device Technologies

Professor Mark Flynn

University of Newcastle

Megan Guy

Healthcare Professional

Chloe Meyer

Smith & Nephew

Jennifer Mew-Sum


 Trent Enright


 Rachelle thompson

 Baxter Healthcare


Meeting dates for 2020:

  • Tuesday 28th April
  • Tuesday 26th May
  • Tuesday 30th June
  • Tuesday 4th August
  • Tuesday 6th October