Professional Development Overview

Ongoing professional development is essential for developing and maintaining a knowledgeable and sustainable medical technology workforce. Medical technology professionals require up to date knowledge, skills and understanding to deliver positive outcomes in the ever complex and changing healthcare environment.

Participating in the MTAA professional development program will foster excellence and provide ongoing opportunities to better enable and sustain the workforce. A range of MTAA professional development opportunities are available through;

  • Training modules delivered self-paced online or face-to-face
  • MedTech Information Sharing Events

To assist member companies adequately plan for professional development, MTAA has developed a Training Module Library.

Training Modules

MTAA offers over 60 training moduled delivered through self-paced online learning or face-to-face facilitator guided learning across seven-course topics:

  • 1.0 Accessing Healthcare Facilities
  • 2.0 Ethical Practice and Compliance
  • 3.0 Regulation of Medical Technology
  • 4.0 Access to Medical Technology
  • 5.0 Anatomy and Physiology Fundamentals
  • 6.0 Customer Acquisition, Retention and Development
  • 7.0 Workforce Development

Entering the perioperative environment 

Medical Company representatives (MCR’s) with no formal training or relevant experience in the perioperative environment are recommended to visit the Training Module Library page and take part in next available 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols course (currently unavailable).

Medical Company representatives (MCR’s) experienced in the perioperative environment and need to update their credentials are recommended to complete 1.6 Operating Theatre Protocols 2018-2020 training course.

MedTech Information Sharing Events

MedTech Forums are designed to explore topical issues significant to the medical technology industry. Experts in the field will address different aspects of a topic, providing premium insight and areas for consideration. Delegates will be invited to ask questions from the floor during the concluding panel discussion.

MedTech Seminars provide opportunities for industry employees to come together and discuss key medical technology industry issues in Sydney.