Women in MedTech Committee



To drive and fulfil the WiMT mission to “lead the debate and promote the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and within the Medtech Industry”. 


  1. Achieve the goals of the WiMT mission as set out by the board.
  2. Maintain benchmark metrics on the current ratio of women in leadership positions within MedTech.
  3. Lead the discussion towards the setting of an agreed and achievable target ratio of women in leadership positions by end of 2018.
  4. Produce and disseminate tangible action plans companies may deploy to increase the female talent pool in their businesses and leadership positions.
  5. Raise the profile and benefit of Women within the MedTech industry through targeted campaigns and events including annual awards.
  6. Develop tools for companies to help with improving diversity.

Committee Secretary: Lee Grow


Rebecca Cortiula, Terumo Australia

“The Medtech industry has a lot to be proud of in relation to women in leadership and there is more we can do. I am proud to be able to support the WiMT mission to proactively support gender diversity within the MedTech industry, effectively supporting women to unlock their full potential.”

Lyn Davies, Tunstall Australasia

“I decided to be involved with WiMT to help drive the MTAA’s vision to keep the spotlight on the benefits of gender diversity for all and to especially help drive the WiMT’s agenda to support women in our industry to reach their full potential and grow in their career on a level playing field.'

Andy Hansen, Device Technologies

“As a manager of a couple of different business units that have really positive gender balance and equality, I see first-hand the benefits of diversity for individuals, business and society.”

Katrina Symons, Johnson & Johnson Medical

“With the combined effort of the Committee I believe we can significantly influence the representation of females within the MedTech industry.”

Lauren Johnston, Zimmer Biomet

“I am passionate about the benefits of diversity in the workplace and wanted to support the wonderful initiatives of the committee that promote these in the MedTech Industry.”

Michael Keenan, Medtronic Australasia


Sauming Ho, Varian

Naeema Mohamed, Zimmer Biomet

“As part of the WiMT team, its starts with each of us as MedTech representatives. My goal is to make change happen, showing that greater gender diversity improves company culture, as well as the bottom line."

Eleni Spiridonos, Stryker Australia

"I have witnessed and experienced the benefits of women in leadership at my workplace and with other organisations in our industry. Yet, there is more we can do to drive greater gender diversity within the MedTech industry. The WiMT initiative is not only to build awareness, but also to promote opportunities for change which support gender diversity and career development for women and, I am proud to be involved."