Finding the Right Job

Finding the Right Job

Finding the right job in the medical technology industry is important. Only roles that are of genuine interest should be targeted.

Employer Recruitment
Medical technology companies use a number of methods to recruit positions.

  1. MTAA member companies can list vacant positions on the MTAA website. Visit the MTAA Careers Corner to view a list of available positions.
  2. Educational institution job boards are a great way to find new positions targeting new graduates.
  3. Many medical technology companies list current positions on their company website. Visit the MTAA Member Directory to access these company links.
  4. Some companies will list vacant positions with recruitment agencies specialised in identifying suitable applicants for the medical technology industry. There are a number of recruitment agencies that are MTAA Associate Members. Associate Member Recruitment Service providers are listed on the MTAA website.
  5. Medical technology industry positions are often listed on employment websites. Click the following links to access these common sites and run a job search.

Career Networking
Some positions do not hit the job market as they are filled through recommendations. Networking opportunities are a great way to learn about upcoming positions within the industry. Check the MTAA events calendar for upcoming events.

Accessing the Industry
View Joining the Industry on the MTAA website to learn how best to gain entry into the medical technology industry.