MediShare - Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle Medical Equipment

Rotary Australia World Community Service are seeking member participation in their MediShare program - an initiative to repurpose medical equipment to disadvantaged communities around the world.

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Focus: To repurpose equipment to support Health, Wellbeing in disadvantaged communities and other areas of need.

Electronic Equipment: To ensure usefulness any equipment with electronics needs to be less than 15 years old and has been certified as functional and tagged by a qualified person. Equipment must have instruction manuals, available spare parts and a life expectance of at least 5 years. Old and unsupported technology is not acceptable.

Perishable Equipment: Wheelchairs, upholstered goods, crutches, and any other goods with perishable fittings, brakes etc. must be complete and in a good, safe, clean condition.

Use by Date: To ensure usefulness refer to the “Use by/Expiry Date”. All consumables must be within at least six (6) months expiry and sanitised goods must be in unopened, sealed packaging.

Unsuitable Equipment: Equipment that does not comply with Australian and / or overseas recipient country laws, or does not meet the required Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited standards will not be accepted.

All shipped items have to be requested by the recipient country and must be for sustainable developmental aid or relief.

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If you wish to donate please contact Project Manager to ensure that the items you wish to donate are of value.

Project Managers contact: Keith Roffey e: m: 0419 046 688