MTAA Welcomes Government’s Announcement To Put Patients First

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MTAA has welcomed the Government’s decision today to maintain surgery critical General Use Items on the Prescribed List.

The Prescribed List (PL) sets out the medical devices and human tissue products private health insurers must cover for patients who have the appropriate insurance coverage. Around 500 ‘General Use Items’ (GUIs) which are essential for a range of surgeries had been slated for removal from the PL.

MTAA CEO, Ian Burgess, said today’s announcement was welcomed and came following years of negotiation with Government as part of reforms to the PL.

“MTAA commends the Minister for his decision to maintain the GUI items on the PL which will protect doctor choice and patient access to important medical technologies,” Mr Burgess said.

“It is thanks to the joint advocacy of private hospitals, doctors, patient groups and MTAA that the right decision has been made that most importantly, puts patients first. This will give the private health sector the much-needed certainty to continue to provide the latest and best MedTech to insured Australians.”

Today’s decision will also allow the listing of new GUI technologies which has been held up by the planned removals. 

The continued availability of GUIs on the PL ensures surgeons and patients are able to benefit from the latest and best-in-class technology when having surgery in the private health system.