Clause 4: Objectives and Scope of The Code

Clause 4: Objectives and Scope of The Code

Objectives and Scope of The Code

Do all Australian Medical Technology companies follow the Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice (The Code)?

MTAA member companies are required to follow The Code. Non-member companies are not required but are encouraged, to observe The Code as the recognised industry standard. The MTAA promotes The Code as a key benefit of membership and an essential component of any Medical Technology company's risk management and quality assurance programs. It also encourages government health agencies and procurement professionals in hospitals and other healthcare institutions to request their suppliers to adhere to The Code.

How does the MTAA ensure its Members abide by The Code?

MTAA has a monitoring process which proactively monitors member companies’ adherence to The Code. The MTAA promotes adherence to The Code through education, communication, training and providing resources to support companies. In addition, the MTAA administers a complaints process allowing the management of potential breaches of The Code.

If a company uses distributors, consultants or agents, do they have to follow The Code?

Yes. Compliance with The Code requires that companies ensure that any person or entity that represents, acts for, or advances the interests of the company conducts themselves in a manner which complies with The Code.

Does the MTAA approve proposed activities as being Code compliant?

No. MTAA staff can provide general information about The Code but not approve proposed activities or locations as being Code compliant. Companies should be able to justify their activities on the spirit of The Code.

Does the MTAA offer training about The Code?

Yes, and for current training resources please visit the Training Module Library.

When do staff need to do training on The Code?

Companies must ensure its representatives are fully aware of the provisions of The Code. All Company representatives working with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and every employee in a role involving promotional activities or purchasing decisions must have Code training with each new edition of The Code. New employees must be trained within six months of their employment or new role unless Code training has been completed with a former employer.