Objectives and Scope of Code

Objectives and Scope of the Code

Do all Australian medical technology companies follow the Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice?

MTAA member companies are required to follow the Code. Non-member companies are not required, but are encouraged, to observe the Code as the recognised industry standard.

If a company uses distributors, consultants or agents, do they have to follow the Code?

Yes. The Code requires that companies ensure that any person or body who represents or advances the interests of the company (including employees, consultants or agents) conducts themselves in a way which complies with the MTAA Code.

What is the MTAA doing to expand the coverage of the Code?

The MTAA promotes the Code as a key benefit of membership in the Association and an essential component of any medical technology company's risk management and quality assurance programs. It also encourages government health agencies and procurement professionals in hospitals and other healthcare institutions to request their suppliers to adhere to the Code.