PD/Training Coordinators

PD/Training Coordinators

If you are the person responsible for professional development and training in your organisation, you can notify MTAA and have this function added to your profile. This will enable you to view staff training records completed through MTAA.

Training Level Descriptors

Three training levels have been applied to all training modules. All training module descriptions include L1, L2 or L3 indicating the level the training is targeted at. Please click this link to learn more.

Training Catalogue

The best way to keep up to date with the range of modules available from MTAA is via the online training catalogue.  As face-to-face modules are scheduled, registration links will be uploaded to the module page.  Registrations to online training paid via the website can provide immediate access for participants.


You can check to see if a new staff member has an MTAA profile by emailing pd@mtaa.org.au. If an account already exists for that employee, MTAA will update their profile by adding their new company and email address. You can then view all past training records for that employee. Where a profile doesn’t exist for a new employee, MTAA can create this for them if you email a request to the above address. Alternatively, an individual can create their own profile when registering to complete MTAA training.

Where a number of staff need to be registered to complete training, you can request to be invoiced. Please email your request with an attached list including first name, last name and email address to pd@mtaa.org.au. You will be emailed an invoice from MTAA Accounts. Please allow up to one week to receive the invoice. Once payment has been received for online training, you will be notified that the training is due to be shipped to registrants. This will then be available to the registrant if they login to their My MTAA Account and click My Certifications. It is a good idea to email them, so they are aware that the training is now available. You may also want to include a completion date.

To learn more about registering online, please view this Quick Start Guide.

In-house training

Where there are a number of staff that require training in a face-to-face module, MTAA can provide in-house training where suitable facilities are available on site. Please click here to learn more.

Orientation series

MTAA offers a range of Level 1 training modules across a number of courses that support the orientation of new employees. These modules aim to assist new staff understand general aspects of the industry or specific aspects of their areas of responsibility. The modules have been sequenced to better meet the learning needs of new staff. Please click here to view the list of modules.

Viewing Company Training Records

As the nominated company PD/Training Contact you can view all company staff training records. To learn how, please view this Quick Start Guide.