MTAA has developed a postion paper on cost transparency requirements in tenders (July 2014). Requesting any additional data for procurement places an additional burden on suppliers to provide the data and purchasers to analyse the data. Additionally for suppliers there are concerns about the security of the data, both short and long term. Therefore any proposal to add new data requirements to the procurement process should weigh the benefits of the data against the administrative burden and security concerns.

MTAA has developed a position paper to propose reforms to the procurement of medical products and medical technologies in the public health system. MTAA member companies supply most of the products used by public hospitals and clinics. The suppliers observe many instances where unnecessary costs are incurred by the customers as a result of inefficient and duplicative processes, or as a result of a shift in the equity balance between customer and supplier.

The following information was compiled by MTAA from information supplied by the organisations contacted, but can not be guaranteed to provide all the information required.

New South Wales

NSW Procurement SME Policy

policy to simplify procedures and assist SMEs to do business with NSW procurement is now available. SMEs are defined as companies based in Australia with less than 200 employees. This includes subsidiaries of multi-nationals that have an office here.

NSW Tenders

NSW Health requires tenders above $250,000. NSW eTenders provides listings of tenders and subscription for online notification of tenders by category of interest. The NSW Procurement website provides general information on NSW Government purchasing.

NSW Health

NSW Health (North Sydney) provides policy and strategic direction for NSW Health procurement. 

NSW Local Health District table of Service and Distribution Centres (last updated, February 2012).

NSW Healthshare

NSW Healthshare - provides operational services for NSW Health. Main procurement responsibilities are the management of:

  1. State Health contracts including SCCB contracts
  2. The service centres at Parramatta and Newcastle, which provide finance, procurement services
  3. The five distribution centres at Sutherland, Wagga Wagga, Orange, Concord and Cardiff.

For further details on NSW procurement and contacts, see the following links:


Health Purchasing Victoria

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) has a responsibility to facilitate procurement on behalf of Victorian public hospitals and health services by managing strategic and state-wide tenders and contracts.  HPV uses its web site ( to keep suppliers up to date, and recommends subscribing to the e-newsletter via the website.  Tenders are published in the Sun Herald newspaper on Wednesdays and are available to download from the Victorian Governments Purchasing Board (VGPB) website:

For further details on Victorian procurement and contacts, see the following link:


Queensland Health Services Purchasing and Logistics (HSPL) requires tenders above $100,000. Information on HSPL can be accessed here.

Queensland Government is reviewing its procurement processes, for more information and to subscribe to updates please follow this link.

For further details on QLD Procurement and contacts, see the following links:

Western Australia

In accordance with the State Supply Commission, public authorities must apply the Open and Effective Competitionpolicy when purchasing goods and services in accordance with the monetary thresholds for quotations and public tenders.

Tenders for WA Health and other WA government agencies are available from their website.

Supply of health products and services is available through the Health Corporate Network.

More details on WA State supply policy can be obtained from the State Supply Commission website and the Government Procurement page on the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

For further details on WA Procurement and Contacts, see the following link:

South Australia

Tenders required above $50,000 but tenders may be used below this figure. To register for notification of tenders, please go to the SA tenders website. For more information, please see also the State Procurement Board of South Australia.

Hospitals typically run tenders for their own requirements and the Strategic Procurement Unit (SPU) for whole of the state. SPU contracts are typically over $1m.

Further details on SA procurement and contacts:

Northern Territory

Tenders required from $200,000 but tenders may be used below this amount. Public quotations required between $50,000 and <$200,000.

The Northern Territory’s centralised procurement site publishes business opportunities, outcomes of those already closed, details government procurement processes and provides contacts for further information and assistance.

For further details on NT Procurement and contacts, see the following link:

Australia (Federal)

AusTender is managed on behalf of the Australian Government by the Department of Finance and Administration. Provision for registration to be notified.

For those Australian Government agencies under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997, all publicly available business opportunities are notified on AusTender. For selected agencies under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997, specific opportunities are notified on AusTender.

AusTender uses the acronym ATM (Approach to Market) to refer to any business opportunity advertised by Australian Government agencies.

Should you have any queries or feedback about their website, please contact the AusTender Help Desk. Enquiries in relation to individual opportunities should be referred to the nominated contact officer.

Contact: AusTender Help Desk
P: 1300 651 698

Australia & New Zealand

Tenderlink provides a subscription service for tender notification.


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