1.0 Accessing Healthcare Facilities Series

Course 1.0 Accessing Healthcare Facilities is comprised of seven (7) Modules.  These all need to be purchased individually.

Medical company representatives (MCRs) often work closely with healthcare professionals (HCPs) within healthcare facilities (HCFs). Many HCFs require MRCs to be trained in a range of areas including Work, Health and Safety (WHS) before access to the facility or areas within it will be granted. A range of modules reinforcing this knowledge are available.

There are five modules that specifically support MCRs entering healthcare facilities to work with HCPs in a range of patient and non-patient areas in this course series.

1.1 Healthcare Facility Protocols

1.2 Professional Conduct

1.3 Patient Privacy and Confidentiality

1.4 Infection Prevention

1.7 WHS Fundamentals.

Who should participate?

MCRs interacting with HCPs in HCFs should participate. The recommended pre-requisite training for this course is module 2.1 Introduction to the Code of Practice.

How much does it cost?

There is a 20% discount to order this self-paced online training as a complete series. The fee is $430 for members and $1005 for non-members (including GST). Standard credit card fees apply. Contact MTAA to apply your discount.

How do I register?

Your online learning will be available by logging on to your My MTAA Account, clicking My Certifications and clicking the module title. When you have finished the training, your Certificate of Participation will be available for each module by clicking the award icon within 24 hours of completion. You can click Fetch My Results to obtain it sooner. Here is a Quick Start Guide to assist you.

Should your company wish to register a number of staff at once, the nominated company contact should E: pd@mtaa.org.au and MTAA will contact them directly.

The contact will be invoiced for the total number of participants once registrant details have been received by MTAA. The company contact will be notified when payment has been received, and can request additional registrations at any time. Once the invoice is paid, the modules will be available to participants via their My MTAA Account.