White Paper

Upcoming Gender Diversity survey 

MTTA and the WiMT committee are please to advise that a joint research project for MTAA in partnership with the University of Newcastle is about to commence.

The aims of the project are:

  1. To understand the barriers and enablers of gender equality in MedTech.
  2. To understand the practices that support gender equality in MedTech.
  3. To provide sector-specific guidance regarding the practices and strategies that support gender equality in MedTech organisations irrespective of size.

There are two phases of the Project:

Phase 1: Preparing the ethical requirement for the University approval.

Qualitative, this involves the University team undertaking a comprehensive literature review, which has commenced.

Interviews: The focus of the interviews is to assist the Research Team identify what are the key opportunities and barriers to assist them in developing the survey. The research team will be undertaking interviews via phone or face-to-face with companies and staff with a start a date towards the end of October. Interviews are expected to be approximately 45 minutes with at least 25 - 30 participates. As part of the ethical requirement for this application, all information supplied by individuals and companies will remain confidential and will not be shared.

MTAA will be contacting companies and attendees of the original 2018 Diversity Workshop, as well as companies and individuals who were previously nominated for the Annual WiMT Awards in the last 3 years. Once the interviews are completed, a full analysis will occur in developing the actual survey.

Phase 2: Quantitative – Survey Development, Survey distributed to all MTAA Member companies. This is expected to be undertaken within first half of 2020 as well as the survey analysis, reporting and manuscript preparation.

If you are interested in participating in the research program, please contact Katherine Purcell, HR Advisor & Mentoring Program Coordinator kpurcell@mtaa.org.au.


2018 Report on the current practices to promote gender diversity

The ‘Women in MedTech’ initiative launched by the MTAA Board aims to lead the debate and promote the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and within the MedTech sector. The White Paper has been developed to support current practice within the industry.