Code of Practice E11 Online Training Update

MTAA is pleased to announce that the Code of Practice Edition 11 online training is now ready for completion by Company Representatives. The Code training will be rolled out in a phased approach due to the anticipated high volume of Company Representatives that are required to complete the Code training and the limited number of users that are permitted to attempt the training at any one time. 

MTAA Committee members will be the first to complete the training and will be notified once they have been enrolled and will be given two (2) weeks to ensure they have completed the training.

Following this, five (5) MTAA members will be randomly selected and notified to ensure all employees who are required to complete the training do so within the allocated timeframe (this will vary depending on the total number required to complete the training). This will be repeated until all MTAA members have been selected, and MTAA will ensure regular updates are provided throughout the year.

Please note, the Code E11 training MUST be completed regardless of having completed the Code E10 training, including the above-phased approach was discussed and agreed upon by the Code Authority Committee.

To assist with the above, please ensure you can access your account and that ALL personal and professional details are up to date. Once you complete the training, please be mindful that it can take up to 24 hours post-completion time for the training to be listed as completed and the certificate be available for download in your portal. Please notify the relevant person in your business once you have completed the training so it can be tracked.