Important Notice on Prostheses List Applications

This is to remind you that the upcoming 14 May deadline for applications to the 1 November Prostheses List (to be renamed) is significant in two important ways:

  1. It will be the last time that the current listing fees of $600 for new applications and $0 for amendment applications will apply. These fees will increase dramatically for future listing cycles under the new cost recovery arrangments
  2. There will be no Prostheses List update on 1 March 2024 so the next opportunity after 1 November 2023 to list or make changes will be 1 July 2024

Therefore, it is important to make applications during this cycle if you can.

Furthermore, a number of companies are trying to replace their out-of-date ARTGs that are on the Prostheses List, particularly prior to charges for amendment applications being introduced. We encourage members to keep ARTGs for Prostheses List billing codes up to date.

However, be aware that the Department has been insisting upon evidence for what billing codes were historically approved under the old ARTG before granting the changes. We know this is not always captured in the Department’s system and the evidence is not always available to companies either. In lieu of this, the Department appears to be accepting some form of company declaration that there has been no change to the product following the change in ARTG but this is unclear.

If you cannot meet these requirements, you may wish to consider making an entirely new application. While it increases cost it may be more likely to meet with success. The decision is entirely yours, however.

Be assured we continue to advocate with the Department for pragmatic approaches to applications, but difficulties remain.

If you have any questions, please let Paul Dale know or contact the Department direct at