Medtronic VP unveils the complexities of the prostheses list reforms

In an interview with Health Industry Hub, Liz Carnabuci, Vice President of Medtronic Australia and New Zealand, discussed the complexities of the PL reforms and the challenges of ensuring an outcome that is in the best interests of patients, the MedTech sector and the Australian healthcare system.

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MTAA reveals concerns over prostheses list reforms in delivering value for patients and MedTech sector

Health Industry Hub’s interview with the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) CEO Ian Burgess revealed insights on the two PL reform options presented by the Department of Health and the potentially significant impact on the Australian MedTech sector, patients, surgeons and hospitals.

"The PL ensures Australians have access to more than 11,000 life-saving and life changing medical devices. It is the foundation that allows Australians with private health insurance to access the latest and best medical devices." - Ian Burgess, MTAA CEO.

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