MTAA Celebrates Partnering with Eudaemon Technologies to Support Innovative MedTech Journey

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The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) is excited to announce it will be partnered with Eudaemon Technologies to support commercialisation of its new medical technology project awarded $1.5 million in Federal Government funding through the Clinical Translation and Commercialisation MedTech (CTCM) program – a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) initiative delivered by MTPConnect.

Eudaemon Technologies has developed a Next Generation Condom and will now take the product to clinical trial with the benefit of the $1.5 million in funding that will be matched by private finance for the device. Eudaemon is one of five companies awarded funding for clinical translation and commercialisation of their products under Round 1 of the CTCM Program, with a total of $7.2 million awarded.

MTAA CEO, Ian Burgess, welcomed the announcement and said MTAA was looking forward to supporting Eudaemon Technologies to further its MedTech journey.

“As the national association representing companies in the medical technology industry in Australia, MTAA is pleased to be one of MTPConnect’s key industry MedTech partners, helping, supporting and adding value to the CTCM projects we are partnered with.

“We are also proud of our continued and long-standing relationship with MTPConnect and what it has achieved in the MedTech space with the programs and initiatives it delivers via the MRFF.

“Government programs like the CTCM program demonstrate the real benefits of private and public partnerships by recognising the importance of Australian R&D and its contribution to improving human health,” Mr Burgess said.

MTAA recognises the excellent work of the other CTCM program partners supporting awardees – Cicada Innovations, Medical Device Partnering Program, The BridgeTech Program, and Therapeutic Innovation Australia (agent for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy).

For more information: Clinical Translation and Commercialisation MedTech Program

and Department of Health and Aged Care Minister’s Media Release