MTAA welcomes consultation on Prostheses List Reform

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The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) has welcomed the Department of Health’s announcement to seek stakeholder feedback about options for reform of the Prostheses List, following a soon to be released consultation paper, expected in late December 2020.

MTAA has long supported positive reform to the Prostheses List that guarantees surgeon choice and patient access to the best available prostheses.

MTAA CEO, Ian Burgess, said the MedTech industry joins with other industry groups in welcoming the opportunity to engage in a productive and collaborative consultation process.

“This consultation is an important first step in the process to carefully consider positive reforms to the Prostheses List that genuinely reflect the considered feedback of all stakeholders, and the most timely way to implement them,” Mr Burgess said.

“It’s vital that any reforms put forward by the Government do not remove the protections the Prostheses List provides for surgeon choice and patient access, or result in further out-of-pocket costs.”

Ahead of the consultation process, the Department of Health this week released two reports: Options for a Revised Framework for Setting and Reviewing Benefits for the Prostheses List and the Review of the General Miscellaneous Category of the Prostheses List.

The reports acknowledged the significant risk of unintended consequences that could arise because of poorly planned Prostheses List reform including limits to patient access and choice, and the increased risk of cost shifting onto patients. Neither report was able to reach a definitive conclusion about the future direction of the Prostheses List.

Mr Burgess said MTAA looks forward to further engaging with the Commonwealth through the consultation process to ensure Australians continue to receive the benefits of modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and improved health outcomes that underpins the value of private health.