Prostheses Reform Updates

Prostheses Reform Updates 18 January 2023

The Federal Minister Mark Butler announced on 14 December that funding arrangements for General Use items to be removed from the Prostheses List (PL) 1 July 2022 would be mandatory. At the same time, the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority released its advice on funding for these General Use items. There is a webinar on 25 January to explain these in more detail. The link to register can be accessed through the PHI circular. However, the Department has advised that details of implementation are yet to come and a consultation paper would be released late January. 

The Government has also announced that there will be no 1 March 2024 listing cycle to allow for a transition from the current PLMS application and listing system to the new HPP portal now used for PBAC and MSAC submissions. MTAA has some concerns about this proposal especially ensuring that applications recommended by PLAC awaiting ARTGs do not need to wait until the 1 July 2024 cycle. There are two options to attend webinars on this transition. Links are below:

The Department is also intending to communicate about the proposed regrouping of the PL, which will be of significant concern to many members. MTAA has requested further explanation on the approach taken before the Department communicates to individual sponsors.

Further questions contact Paul Dale or directly to the Department