Mentor/Mentee Eligibility & Requirements


A mentor is an employee of an MTAA member organisation (Check Full and Associate member list). A mentor is someone who shares knowledge, offers advice, shares experiences and provides support to assist in the career, professional and personal growth of a less experienced person. A mentor can be male or female and there is no fee to participate.


·       Is an employee of a member or associate member company, who has experience in a management, leadership or a subject matter expert position and has at least 2 years’ work experience within the MedTech industry

  • ·       Can be male or female

    ·       Member company must retain membership with MTAA for the duration of the program.


  • Requirements:

  • ·       A letter from their employer to confirm permission for them to participate in the program

    ·       Submit a mentor application form

    ·       Commit to the program for its duration.  Expected timeframe for the program is 12 months

    ·       Participate in a minimum of four mentoring sessions over the program 

    ·       Complete program evaluation

    ·       Sign and adhere to a Mentoring Agreement, including confidentiality with mentee.



·       Is anyone who identifies as a woman, is an employee of a MTAA member or associate member company and would like assistance in progressing their career goals.

·       The member company must retain membership with MTAA for the duration of the program.


  • ·       A letter from their employer to confirm permission for them to participate in the program

    ·       Submit a mentee application form.

    ·       Commit to the program for its duration.  Expected timeframe for the program is 12 months.

    ·       Participate in a minimum of four mentoring sessions over the program. 

    ·       Complete program evaluation.

    ·       Sign and adhere to a mentoring agreement, including confidentiality with mentor.