Medical Technology industry collaboration on PPE supply plays key role in return to elective surgery

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MTAA (Medical Technology Association of Australia) has today welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement that there will be a gradual return to elective surgery starting from next week.

“MTAA has been working closely with the Government to help secure the PPE supplies required to ensure the smooth running of our healthcare system, and we are proud to have played an important role in enabling a return to elective surgery,” said MTAA CEO Ian Burgess today.

MTAA’s industry working groups have also been instrumental in securing essential supplies of ventilators and test kits on behalf of the Australian Government.

“The medical technology industry welcomes today’s announcement that patients will once again have access to life-changing treatments and technology through elective surgery.

“We congratulate Health Minister Greg Hunt and the Morrison Government for taking swift and decisive action to successfully flatten the curve through the elective surgery pause and many other effective measures.

“For a range of medical conditions, what is now non-essential, very quickly becomes essential if left untreated, and a measured and responsible return to elective surgery will ensure continuity of care for those who need it most.

“A gradual and responsible return to elective surgery with the safety of patients and medical personnel front and centre will enable thousands of Australians to access the treatments they need to keep them working, studying and spending more time with their families. “We look forward to more Australians once again being able to access the life-changing benefits of medical technology,” Mr Burgess said.