MTAA Welcomes Release of Digital Health Blueprint

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The Medical Technology Association of Australia has welcomed the release of the Federal Government’s new plan for digital health over the next 10 years.

The Digital Health Blueprint 2023-2033 and Action Plan outlines a coordinated path to a more connected health system, including primary care, mental health, hospitals, preventive health, medical research, and aging for the next decade. 

MTAA CEO, Ian Burgess, said digital health has a central role to play in solving Australia’s many healthcare challenges.

“Technologies including telehealth, electronic health records, wearable devices, mobile health applications and digital therapeutics are increasingly being embedded in the healthcare system,” Mr Burgess said.

“These provide an opportunity to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by increasing the availability of relevant information, allowing for better diagnosis, treatment, and care.

“MTAA, and our members, look forward to greater collaboration with government to enhance awareness and adoption of digital technologies across the wider health sector, and believe establishing funding pathways, similar to those in other countries, will be important to making cutting-edge health technologies available to Australians.”

The Blueprint references a number of MedTech relevant items, like the Federal Government’s $950 million investment in digital health, driving greater connection through better utilisation of data to support public health planning, and a focus on promoting research and innovation with software developers, device manufacturers and creators of digital care models.

MTAA recently released a report Digital Health: Breaking Barriers to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes, click here to download a copy.