What is the Mentoring Program


The MTAA Mentoring Program is a Women in MedTech initiative. The program is aimed to facilitate mentoring relationships so that experienced mentors can share advice, knowledge and experience with mentees within the MedTech industry to assist in their professional and career development. The goal is to assist individuals in their career progression into Management and Senior Management positions within the MedTech industry as well as resulting in a mutual professional development relationship.

This program was piloted in FY20 with support from Mentorloop, a cloud-based mentoring program, and had 54 people participate in the initial program. Due to COVID-19, the relaunch was delayed until 2021.

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves” - Steven Spielberg

Program Timeline and Registration

The initial pilot program registration will open from 10 May 2021, with the intention of Mentors and Mentees being advised of the outcome by late June 2021.  Registration will be via an application form for Mentees and Mentors with detailed questions to ensure appropriate matching of mentoring pairs.

Comments from participants of FY20 pilot program

“The program has been very helpful, my mentor has provided me with insight as to how I can do better and also brand myself better with a ‘work sponsor’ to further my opportunities in the workplace.  I would recommend the MTAA Mentoring program to continue and recommend this to my colleagues as I’ve had a lovely experience." - Mentee

“The mentoring program was more than I expected.  It has helped me to focus more on my plans and goals.  My mentor has been great, valuable, informative discussion and we have had lots of fun.” - Mentee

“Great initiative! It is very valuable for new managers and for those who wis to progress further in their career.  What you learn are practical tips which you’ll never get from textbooks or classes.” - Mentee

“As a mentor in the MTAA program, I have found it very satisfying helping my mentee. The MTAA should be commended with this program to help Women in Healthcare.” - Mentor

“As a mentor, it was a great opportunity to impact someone else’s life in a positive way.  I have grown as a person especially as my mentee is in a totally different field to them. I would recommend this program, as you help others grow, you grow.” - Mentor

MTAA Mentoring Program Process

  1. Fill out the appropriate application form.
  2. MTAA will contact you about your Mentor/Mentee pairing.
  3. Click here to download Mentoring Program which includes Agreement. Please read, fill out and return the form to MTAA.