What is the Mentoring Program

The pilot MTAA Mentoring Program is a Women in MedTech initiative to facilitate mentoring relationships for women within the MedTech industry to assist in their career, professional and personal development. The goal is to assist more women in their career progression into Management and Senior Management positions within the industry. 

The program enables links to be established between:

  • A mentor, who is an employee (female or male) of a member or associate member company, who is a subject matter expert and/or has experience in a management or leadership role and has at least 2+ year’s work experience within the MedTech industry; and  
  • A mentee, who is a female employee from another member company or within a member company working in a different department to their mentor, who wants to progress their career goals whilst working within the MedTech industry.

Mentoring methods and their execution vary according to mentor and mentee personalities, working styles and the dynamics created together throughout their partnership. Participants are encouraged to participate into the program with an open mind and flexible approach to developing mentoring relationships.

The pilot program is limited to 25 mentor and 25 mentee positions. Employees of member companies and associate member companies are invited to be part of the program.

Update 25 October 2019

MTAA is seeking additional mentees to join the MTAA pilot Mentoring Program. The program is designed to assist more women pursue their career in senior management positions working within the MedTech industry. The Program went live the week of 24 June and already has 56 participates registered from member companies with 20 pairs currently participating in the program.

If you are interested in participating as a mentee in the Mentoring Program please regsiter below