Clause 9.7 - Gifts to Healthcare Professionals

Clause 9.7: Gifts between Companies and Healthcare Professionals

Can we give HCPs a branded mouse pad or wall planner if it has useful information on it, such as conference dates?

No. Companies are not permitted to give HCPs non-educational branded promotional items. In terms of a wall planner or mouse pad, the items themselves are not educational. Including conference dates may be of some interest to the HCP but doesn’t make the items themselves an educational item.

Can we give HCPs a non-branded USB with educational files on it?

Yes. If the USB was preloaded with files which served a genuine educational function for the HCP then it would be consistent with clause 9.7(a) of The Code.

Can we give out branded stationery at a company organised training and education event?

Yes, stationery can be provided to attendees to meet their needs at the training and educational event.

As part of our sponsorship for third-party educational conferences, can we sponsor company branded items that will be provided by the conference organiser?

Yes, company-branded items of nominal value can be provided by the conference organisers to attendees of the conference to meet the legitimate needs of the event.

Does the prohibition on non-educational branded promotional items apply to company branding or just product branding?

The Code’s prohibition on non-educational branded promotional items includes both company branding and product branding.