Prostheses List Arrangements

Prostheses List Arrangements

MTAA secures TGA fee relief for members

Following a sustained advocacy effort by MTAA, the Federal Government has agreed to significant fee relief for medical device companies, in recognition of the impact of elective surgery cancellations as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

A 50 per cent reduction in annual TGA listing fees for Class IIa, IIb, III or AIMD medical devices listed on the Prostheses List will apply for 2020-21.

This will reduce the annual charges for those devices for 2020-21 by 50 per cent of the amount that would have been otherwise applied to them under the proposed 1.95% increase for 2020-21.

We would like to thank those member companies who have contributed their time and resources to assisting MTAA in delivering this important outcome for members.


Support for the MedTech industry

MTAA wrote to Minister Hunt on 29 March outlining the very significant pressures facing the medical technology industry in the current environment and requesting a number of urgent measures to address the ongoing viability of Australia’s MedTech industry as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

Following a period of intense discussions between MTAA and Minister Greg Hunt and his office, a period of hibernation of up to 12 months has been agreed to for all Prostheses List reform work covered under the Strategic Agreement with MTAA.

Click here to view members-only document.

Questions and answers have been developed to provide all stakeholders with clarity on work related to the Prostheses List in the coming months.

PDF Version: MTAA Agreement Hibernation - PDF 277 KB

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