Code Authority Committee Terms of Reference

The Code Authority (CA) is a strategic committee of MTAA.
The CA is responsible for the effective operation and administration of the Code of Practice. In this capacity it:

  • must support compliance with the Code by proactively monitoring Promotions and activities of Companies on a regular and ongoing basis;
  • must ensure that the Code complaints and appeals mechanisms are conducted in a fair, equitable and robust manner;
  • must collect statistical data of monitoring activities, complaints received and outcomes of complaints hearings, conduct a regular review and analysis of monitoring and complaints and the Industry issues they may raise, and make recommendations to the Board for improvements to Industry self-regulation;
  • must undertake an external review of the Code every three years to ensure it continues to reflect community, Industry and regulatory standards, submit all proposed amendments to the Board for approval, and publicise all amendments;
  • must identify and recommend the optimal means for MTAA to promote the Code to Companies, the Industry, Healthcare Professionals, Regulators and other relevant stakeholders and participants in the healthcare Industry;
  • must ensure education programs are updated every time more than minor changes are made to the Code and at least once every three years.

The CA may appoint subcommittees and delegate to them the management of any aspect of Code administration including, but not limited to, monitoring, complaints handling, and appeals.